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Specialized in digital development, Páprica presents an innovative way for brands and their audience to communicate. With an efficient low-size proposal , we guarantee an unique and unmatched treatment to our clients. Our transparent and multifunctional structure is key to conducting projects in a burocracy free way, thus enabling new practical solutions to stand out. Here the entire team collaborates in the realization of a project, a model that combines ingredients such as knowledge, excellence and creativity in digital communication.


Páprica Digital Development LTD

Our corebusiness is our corporate name. We plan, develop and produce smart solutions for life-changing brands.


With the large increase of available technologies and platforms, it is necessary to understand each of the tools to map out the best strategy, aiming at the efficiency of the actions in the digital environment. With a strong team , we understand our clients company and it's audience to create a strategic plan always looking for growth and recovery.


We have a team prepared to plan and develop any digital interface, always enhancing the user experience. We build responsive websites with navigation simplicity, and explore the architecture of information.


Knowing that content and planning are the key to good communication pieces, we make use of relevant content and a well-crafted strategy to create tactical actions aimed at growth and the appreciation of customers.


We measure results so that they are organized and studied in order to improve the user experience to achieve the goals and desired outcomes.


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Mídia Online

Mídia Programática

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Business Intelligence



Conteúdo Serviços

Estrategies and Planning
SEO Benchmark


From the analysis of several variables, we identify what is the best way forward so we can draw a strategic plan.

Estrategies and Planning
Planning Audience Analysis


The Benchmark is created in order to observe what is being done by direct and indirect competition. It is also observed which points can be strengthened and what can be created to awaken the interest of the audience.

Estrategies and Planning
Benchmark Trends

Audience Analysis

In the digital world, it is important to follow up on who accesses/ interacts with your website/application. Through Audience Analysis can explore and map new customers, as well as diagnose and troubleshoot problems that may occur.

Design and Development
Trends User Experience


We have a creative team with extensive experience in developing beautiful interfaces and identities, plus beautiful and creative campaigns in all market areas.


  • Branding
  • Mobile interface for iOS and Android
  • Layout for responsive sites
  • Layout for e-commerce
  • Software interface

Design and Development
Design Web Development

User Experience

The way we interact with brands and one another is becoming increasingly diverse with a multitude of devices, screens and interfaces on offer – and the way we use digital technology is also constantly evolving. The thing users want most when interacting with digital technology is simplicity – a simple message; a simple meaning; a simple call-to-action; simple information architecture; and a simple journey that takes them where they want to be. Our UX design focuses on the simplicity of user needs. We get users to where they want and where you want them, easily – whether it's to entertain, inspire, educate or sell.


  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Usability engineering
  • Visual design
  • Prototype engineering

Design and Development
User Experience Mobile Development

Web Development

Responsive websites for multi-screen display , including CMS for content management. We use our expertise in JavaScript environments , jQuery , PHP, PHP and others, to develop the online presence of your company.


  • Institutional Website
  • Portal
  • Intranet
  • Hotsite
  • Landing Page
  • Special Projects
  • Newsletter

Design and Development
Web Development Advergames

Mobile Development

Web development , hybrid and native iOS and Android platforms.


  • Mobile Development for restricted distribution
  • Native Mobile Development for iOS or Android
  • Web App

Design and Development
Mobile Development Interactive Actions


Advergames can be applied in different ways on the internet in order to generate commitment to a cause, it being interaction, fun, competition, information or all of them.


  • Planning
  • Standard Online Game
  • Mobile
  • Original Online Game

Design and Development
Advergames Content

Interactive Actions

Development of hardware integration actions - software on demand.


  • Application Development for Totem Touch Screen
  • Application Development for iPad
  • Virtual Tour
  • Special Projects

Content e Media
Interactive Actions Inbound Marketing


A relevant and cohesive content is part of the usability of your online project. Tell your customers about your services and/or products in a creative and interesting way, through textbooks, informative or illustrative infographics graphics.


  • Creating text for websites
  • Creating text for ads - Online Media
  • Strategy and planning of content actions
  • Presentation Creation

Content e Media
Content Social Media

Inbound Marketing

We use the Inbound Marketing as a way to attract the interest of a specific audience through the creation of formulated content to the target audience.

Content e Media
Social Media Sponsored links

Media Online

Today we have a wide choice of media, new formats and types of purchase, but if this choice is not done correctly, the results may not be satisfactory. Páprica has a team that, before selling a service, also understands the customer needs to guide you on what type of media that best fits your brand and service.


  • Media planning with strategic analysis of which media and strategies to use.
  • Dealing with media vehicles (PI 's Issue)
  • Use of AdServer (Daily Monitoring - Maintenance and Campaign Optimization)
  • Analytical Reports (Online and BI Media)

Mensurement and Optimization
Sponsored links Monitoring

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, known as BI , can be defined as a set of techniques used to extract intelligence from data about a particular business. BI aims to plan, measure and analyze metrics and KPIs to help the marketing team understand and have insights that can influence the decision making process. For the BI processes there are various softwares and technology for data collection, making the information available for access at any time. However, only through monitoring and periodic reports you can see how the business is going and set goals and paths to follow.


  • Guidance on the interpretation of results
  • Metrics Planning dashboards
  • WebAnalytics [ Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics * ]
  • Tagging and settings Review
  • Configuration and creation of funnels
  • Filter Configuration
  • Monitoring and analysis of the website performance

Mensurement and Optimization
Business Intelligence SEO


We help our customers to be more attractive and thus increase their exposure on social networks through the production of content made ​​specifically for the desired audience target.


  • Planning
  • Monitoring

Mensurement and Optimization
Monitoring Planning


We develop optimization strategies, both technical and of content, to increase the chances of your business being found organically and thus get better results.


  • Optimizations techniques
  • Development and content optimization
  • Planning
  • Media
  • Creation
  • Production

Inbound Marketing

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